Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your question answered below, feel free to send us an email. We'd love to answer any questions you might have about our barn, horses, and lessons.

Can I take a tour of the barn?

Yes! We welcome prospective riders/students to visit us. Saturdays at 8am. Please contact us to arrange a tour.

What is involved in a tour?

You'll walk through the barn, meet the horses, get a tour of the property, and then can schedule Your lessons if interested.

How much do lessons cost?

Lessons cost $50 each. There is a discount given for paying monthly. Intro students gets a free lesson when they buy a package. Click to see our pricing structure. Keeping our lesson program affordable is very important to me because I want all students to experience the blessing of horsemanship. 

Do you offer board?

Heavenly Horses does not offer board. If you need to board a horse, you can contact Team Hall.

What does a typical lesson look like?

Lessons are 90-120 minutes because they include caring for the horses. Students learn how to brush down the horse, put on their own saddle and bridle, and have an opportunity to do hands-on care in addition to riding.

What skill levels do you teach?

We teach English class jumping, Western, horsemanship from cleaning, tacking, and riding.

How do you take care of your horses?

Our horses are excited to greet the students because of our relationship they build with them, the time allowed before and after each lesson that they have time to build that relationships. That makes a huge difference. Our horses are given plenty of love and treats. Well-fed bellies make happy horses!

What sets your program apart from other horse barns?

We believe in horsemanship and not just riding. We try to build a relationship with our students and our horses. Students come 15-30 minutes prior to their riding time to spend time with their horse and clean and tack their horse. Then after their lesson they have the opportunity to brush them down and spend special time with their horse.

Do I have to be a Christian to attend?

Everyone is welcome no matter their faith background. My program is designed to share my passion for horsemanship and my Christian faith with children and adults alike. Come do a tour, and see if this place is a good fit for you.

How is your faith integrated into your program?

We pray all the time for the needs of our students and our animals as needs arrive. We also offer a VBS program every summer and hold Bible studies at our barn.